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REMO'S 900

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REMO'S 900

│ Description │

It applied LCD display in front of a device and 28 channels much more than before.
Why don’t you meet the guide system upgaraded, which is seen volume and status of charging with one sight as well as how to use functions easily ?

This creates a excellent quality of sound with circuit design of cutting-edge digital method and the function of DCS Tone under any circumstances.

│ Use the REMOS 900 when you have the situation as it follows below │

editorimg In the tour guide
When a guide leads tourists, it is natural to have situation crowded and noisy among tourists. When this situation happens, it isn’t comfortable for tourists to use the heavy and complicated guide devices. REMOS 900 can be possible for a guide to lead tourists with regular tone after releasing the receivers to the maximum 23 people. Additionally, REMOS 900 can be made for tourists to concentrate on the tour and for a guide to make a tour successfully.
editorimg In the simultaneous interpretation of a international conference
Have you ever experienced to use simultaneous interpretation devices which is difficult and complicated ? REMOS900 is direct and convenient product adapted in the international interpretation. It is composed of 28 channels and guarantee a successful interpretation as using up to 28 languages in the same place. It is used in international conference, church, religious charities and so on.
editorimg In the visiting factories and companies,
In case of visiting tour like factories, docks and manufacturing companies, there are a lot of inner noisiness. Therefore, it is hard for a guide to lead the group there. If a guide uses REMOS900 in this situation, he don’t have to divide the group and can provide exact guidance even the big group. Also, REMOS900 makes the image of a company to be enhanced and provides impressing tour with using specific guide devices.

│ What is benefit for using the guide system ? │

If someone who have experienced inconvenience on leading people without the existed devices,
In case of guiding in the noisy places or rushing in charities, students, various group or leading people in silent places needed like the exhibition, historical center, museum and so on, it is hard to lead people and communicate words without guiding devices. The someone who have experienced this situation shall empathize. If a guide uses the REMOS900, it is easy for him to lead visitiors without speaking loud and shouting sound as well as for visitors to concentrate on the visit-tour. REMOS900 makes a guide create his better image and helps to proceed into successful tour.

REMOS900 would be used in the school for a field class, a educational journey, a retreat and on-the-spot study and so on.
The teacher can lead students easily and effectively with REMOS900 as well as move students free and perform divided classes by each grade, group, team as using the different channels and communicating the different contents. At the same time, REMOS900 can reduce fatigue of teacher who lead students in the field class.

The design was created with simple and objective LCD display in order to use even beginners easily.
It is easy and convenient for a beginner to use REMOS900, because it is applied LCD Display which is seen the status of channel / volume / battery in front of the device. This is so light and can be hanged in the user’s neck as well as provides comfort to users who select either earphone or earpad.

│ Features │

* It creates the excellent quality of sound with the design of cutting-edge digital circuit under any circumstances.
* It is possible to use 28 channels as dividing a several groups in the same place.
* It is possible to check the channel and charging status by one sight with applying LCD Display in front of a device.
* It is possible to transmit and receive the sounds clearly from even 100 meter away as using UHF 900MHz frequency range.
* It prevents the cross-line occurred to another wireless devices due to additional DCS Tone function.
* It is possible to use this for 15~16 hours with charging short for 3 ~ 4 hours by being adapted lithium- ion battery.
* It is possible to use the specific sound-devices like MP3, Smartphone , PC connected through a external terminal.

│ Specification & Product Constitution │

● General SPEC

Items Specification
FrequencyRangeUHF 925.100MHz~931.85MHz
ChannelSeparation 28CH
FrequencyStability ±5KHz
PrimaryPower 3.5~4.2V

● TRS-900 (Transmitter)

Items Specification
CarrierPower 10mW
CurrentDrain 60mA
SpuriousHarmonic -60dB
AntennaImpedance 50ohms
EmissionMode F3E
PilotModulation 8KHz+1KHz
Demension 42(w)X15(D)X85(H)mm / 54g

● RCV-900 (Receiver)

Items Specification
Sensitivity(-20dB) -100dBm
OutputPower 105mW
SquelchSensitivity -105±6dB
OscilatorDropoutVoltage 3.4V
BatteryDrainatMaximum 67mA
ModulationFrequency 1KHz
Demension 42(w)X15(D)X85(H)mm / 54g



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REMO_S 900