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EZM-22TS 21.5 LED Tablet Monitor

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EZM-22TS 21.5 LED Tablet Monitor

│ Description │

LED Tablet Monitor providing Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 ) and 21.5 inch screen size has broad view angle and vivid picture on the screen as well as represents tender pen writing expression through the recognition of 1024 levels’ pressure in the e-learning educational environment.
Combined with EZ-Board software, this can provide various writing functions like memo, drawing, annotation and the expression of 1024 levels’ pressure make user feel free and tender wirting sense.

│ EZM-22TS 21.5 LED Tablet Monitor state-of-the-art technology │

1. 21.5 Inch FULL HD LED Display
LED 21.5 inch display provide Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and support broad and vivid screen. This supplies D-sub HDMIDVI digital picture input.

2. Providing free writing sense of wireless pen
The wireless digital pen which can recognize 1024 levels’ pressure applied technology of electronic inducement method provides detail expression like writing something on the paper and the technology of recognition that is fast and accurate make user comfortable on the screen.

3. Adjustable angle of the stand
The stand which is possible to adjust the angle level by level provides convenient and stabliltiy.

│ Features │

Tender and Fast input

User can work PC menu and each applications fast and accurately on the screen and can do Meno and education on live with this state of the art EZ-Tablet.

Wireless Free Pen

Wireless Pen guarantees free shift and trust as free-battery pen.
This provides high recognition speed as the function of accurate pressure recognition as well as is able to become soft and free electronic input.

Full HD LED (1920 X 1080)

21.5 inch screen which has a broad view provides vivid resolution in the educational environment and is able to be used in various fields.
Splendid expression power in various colors and clear and vivid picture quality

EZ-Board Software


For example of using the stand

Various angle adjustment compatible to user
The stand of tablet monitor is useful to adjust angle from min.15 degree to max.80 degree.

Product name and connection design

Screen automatic adjustment / shifting top and bottom menu
∨ - (Vol Down) : Down
∧ + (Vol Up) : Up
MENU : menu and select
POWER : on/off


│ Product basic composition │


● EZM-22T specification 

item Details
Working method LED Back-light (TFT LCD Module)
Screen Size 476.64(H) x 268.11(W)mm (21.5 inch)
Input D-sub*1 (15-pin/analogue RGB), DVI*1, HDMI*1, USB*1
Power pressure DC 12V / 3A
Display color 16.7M(Hi-FRC) Color
Brightness 250cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1000 : 1
Response speed 5ms
Back light White LED method
Max. Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
Writing density ±0.01mm
Writing resolution 1280lpi
Weight 5.23Kg
Size 515.3mm(W) * 329.3mm(H) * 44.1mm(D)
Writing method Electromagnetic handwriting
Writing speed Approximately180 points per second
Interface USB
Tablet pen Free battery pen
Pressure level 1024 levels