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Easy Book Scanner EZ-SC500

Product Detail Information

Easy Book Scanner EZ-SC500

│ Description │

Easy Book Scanner is a new conception digital Book Scanner with creative design and utility, which you can confirm its excellencefor convenience, quickness, unique and space utilization.

│ Smart Easy Book Scanner, what's different? │

1. Real-time true image is available
5million pixel dual camera shows book or note clearly with no distortion at biding area.

2. Preparing lecture can be completed by quick scanning and quick teaching plan work
During the class, teaching plan can be produced promptly and real-time utilization is available by scanning book or note with one mouse click.

3. TTS (Text-to-Speech) and OCR(Optical Character Recognition) are standard. More powerful Smart Book Scanner
Editing image document to text or PDF format is available and reads in various language (male and female/Korean and English)

4. Excellent teaching competitiveness by interactive learning and listening evaluation
As it supports high sound quality native voice so it can be utilized for various lecture after producing teaching plan.

5. Quick Book Scanning function
Book Scanning is available by using timer function without using left or right button.

│ Features │

This Scanner consists of photographing part configured with 1 main board and 2 cameras and photographing structure configured with 2 fixed mirrors which collect images from each camera. Triangular fixture in drop of water shape saves image of either side book or single side document linking with computer.

1. One main board connecting with 2 cameras in circuit is recognized as one device, and it is designed to connect high resolution image in real-time. 

2. Not like as conventional Book Scanners which scan image through motion of camera or rotation of mirror, this product can obtain stable high resolution image always by fixed 2 cameras and fixed 2 mirrors.

3. Image saving command can be controlled at hardware part or PC program by linking touch switch of hardware and software, and it makes the condition (lighting and camera drive) of the side to be photographed automatically and saves as high resolution image of both sides and single side.

4. 2 LED lighting bar are located at the bottom of camera, and LED lighting On/Off is controlled automatically through saving command of scanned image.

5. In lighting bar, there is no LED lighting in center part and outside part of LED lighting is located little bit higher than LED lamp so that illumination deviation of center and outside can be eliminated.

│ What are differences of Easy Book Scanner? │

Supporting variety image forms
- Supporting scanning work which converts real document or book image (various formats are supported)

Supporting contents in various E-book form
- Supporting text and PDF/ Supporting output of selected area or entire WAV files

Text extraction and speaker out
- Built-in high performance OCR engine supports text extraction/ Built-in TTS engine supports WAV file output

Easy and quick editing
- Built-in hardware key supports easy and quick scanning/ providing easy page edition, insertion or deletion work easily
- Adopted easy text extraction method (entire/ selected page)
- Easy WAV file creation and utilization (interactive mode [male/female] or [Korean/English] is supported)

Providing library of created E-book

Easy BooK Scanner Hardware
- 5million pixel dual camera (1944 x 2592)
- Adopted safe tempered glass for scanning plate on which book is placed to be scanned
- One touch scanning allows easy and quick scanning
- Bright and uniform light source of LED lamp provides outstanding clear color and distinct letter expression

│ Detail Description of Easy Book Scanner Hardware │


1. Control touch switch equipped on front hardware
Power button - Controlling On/Off of hardware
Left scan - Saving left image scan
Right scan - Saving right image scan
Both side scan - Saving both side image scans

2. Low iron glasses which transmissivity is high are installed symmetrically in central camera and LED light, and outside part on which reflection mirror is installed and upper part.

3. Installed power adopter and USB connection terminal located in rear bottom area.


│ Product specification and components │

● Easy Book Scanner product specification

Item Details
Model name EZ-SC500
Supporting software OCR/TTS English, Korea 4 tone colors, Live viewer ver 1.0
Camera sensor 1/2.5" 5million pixel (4:3)
Resolution Max. 1944 x 2592 digital high resolution real object projector
System requirements Pentium4 1.0MHz, RAM 512M or more is recommended
Supporting OS Microsoft Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 (64bit,32bit supporting)
Disk Max 6GB spare space (in case OCR, TTS are installed)
Computer connection High Speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
Power DC 12V adopter
Product size/weight 325(W) X 350(H) X 400(D) (mm) / 9.3kg
Product configuration product main body, DC-12V adopter, program installing CD, software package, BookCover
Patent design registration (No. 30-0708572), 2 patents are pending
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