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EZ-CAM (MT-130)

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EZ-CAM (MT-130)

│ Mom Teacher MT-130 (Image Recognizing Teaching System) │

Show Mom-teader Books, it read any books.
Kids can learn by themselves. Mom-Teacher can edit any books. "It recognizes and presents contents on showing book automatically." On showing book: show book to the camera, It recognizes: The Image Recognition function is activated. It reads in native tongue: It links the contents in saved file and replays automatically.

│ Features │

Digital Image Visualizer
Random page recognition link function which allows unlimited utilization of learning material.

Creative learning method
Creative learning method the world first patent product with no similar competitor.

Automatic running
Automatic running on opening any page without finding linked voice area.

Learning schedule
Learning schedule can be aligned with user’s learning progress.

linked with system function
Good and variety of learning material is linked with system function.

No additional operation of learning system
Simplicity for English learning which requires repeated exercise with no additional operation of learning system.

│ Specification & Product Constitution │

● MT-130 Specification

Items Specification
Resolution 1.3 mega pixel (1280x1024)
Camera sensor 1/4 inch CMOS Sensor
Lens angle F2.9, 8cm, 65.1
Zoom Digital zoom(5x)
Software EZ-CAM
Size & Weight 85x170x70xmm/1.0kg
Interface USB 2.0
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EZ CAM _MT 130__2